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Let's Dive Deeper Retreat 

July 9, 2022


Ellijay, Georgia


Explore Ayurvedic wisdom and the Enneagram to see how you can

deepen your understanding of the self and others. 


Topics include + not limited to:

  • discover your Enneagram core type, wings, where you travel in stress & security
  • optimize your life with knowledge of your Dosha
  • Yoga, breathwork + meditation practices for balance
  • how to use this knowledge to thrive
  • vision boarding (you'll create & take home)


What to bring:

  • yoga mat
  • towels, blanket, meditation seat/cushion
  • yoga strap and blocks (if wanted)
  • comfortable clothing & change of clothing
  • water bottle for refilling
  • journal and pen/pencil
  • sunscreen & bug repellant (natural mosquito repellant incense sticks will be on property)
  • swim attire for hot tub (if you'd like:)

Food + Hydration:

  • a healthy, vegan lunch is served
  • eat a healthy breakfast early Saturday morning (yoga is done on an empty stomach)
  • bring a refillable water bottle to ensure hydration





email to reserve your spot




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Class Prices (1 - 1.5 hours)

 by donation~

recommended $15-$25/class


If you can give more, please do. It enables me to offer scholarships to others who want to practice but cannot currently afford to do so. Email me directly for more information.


(email/text/call me to try your first class for free)


One-on-One Private Instruction (1 hour)


(includes Vinyasa, Kundalini + Yin)


Virtual: $60


In House: $60


Out Call: $100


 (1.5 hours) : $90 in-house or virtual

                                            $130 out-call



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