I discovered yoga in 2001 as a student at The Florida State University and never looked back!

I craft yoga, breathwork + meditation classes for students at all levels to inspire joy and heal trauma.

I love empowering students and helping them find peace through focusing on how the practice feels.

I believe yoga is for everyone. I'm currently a 500 hour registered yoga teacher (500 RYT).

We've all experienced traumas in our lives, big and small. I hope to help others heal as I've healed, and continue to heal myself, with the help of many wonderful and caring teachers, mentors, my children, friends and family. Becoming aware of my breath, deepening my yoga practice and learning non-judgement during meditation has had a profound impact on my life.


I tell anyone who asks, I wouldn't be the human I am today without yoga in my life. Like Thoreau so beautifully says,

"When you achieve your dreams, it is not so much what you get

as who you become in achieving them."

I believe in the healing power of yoga and I'm excited to embark on this journey with you!



Be curious.

Peel back the layers.

Cleanse the lens. 

Remove the obstructions. Release.

We are not the stories we have made up about ourselves.

We are not here to fix. We are clearing so who and what we truly are shines through. 

Go inside. Cultivate self compassion. 

Focus on expanding into brightness, clarity, love.

Over time- consistency, commitment, compassion.

Grow. Evolve. Shift. Change.




Kassandra, her two children and their dog live in Atlanta, Georgia. Other than yoga and meditation, she enjoys spending her free time traveling, running, hiking in the mountains, cooking, reading, relaxing on the beach and spending time connecting with her family & friends. 

The Tools

While working together, we'll use knowledge of the Doshas (Ayurvedic wisdom), the Enneagram & the moon (born males + pre/post menopausal) or menstrual cycle to both gain a deeper understanding of the self & facilitate your best and highest path. 



Student Stories

"Kassandra is a master at developing unique yoga practices to meet the needs of the individual and a rare talent when it comes to bringing healing and inspirational energy to the group yoga setting." 


"I first met Kassie a couple of years ago. Then one day I saw her doing yoga with a couple of people before the workout at our gym so I asked if I could join in next time. I have been doing yoga with Kassie for over a year now. I look forward to each session. She is so welcoming to all and fun to practice with. Kassie’s knowledge and obvious years of practicing are very evident in how she explains each move and gives options for you if you have problems with knees or lower back, etc…Yoga with Kassie has changed my life and the plus is I have a couple of new friends that I enjoy seeing every session, Kassie being one of them. 

In fact, if she goes away, we get her to do virtual classes for us in the mornings because we do not want to miss it. Kassie was just doing it because she enjoyed sharing with us. Now she is a certified instructor and is doing it as a business, but it still feels like just the three of us having fun and staying flexible. I cannot even begin to describe how much Kassie means to me. She brought yoga into my life and I have never felt better. Thank you, Kassie!!"


"Kassandra is absolutely amazing! I felt such a strong connection immediately in my first class. I leave feeling refreshed and renewed. I highly recommend her to anyone and everyone."


"I highly recommend joining these yoga classes- they've changed my life both mentally and physically! Kassie is so caring and supportive! She is very knowledgable about yoga and is also very accepting of everyone. I never feel judged in her class. She can throw in a joke or two during class and it always makes yoga more fun. Kassandra makes yoga doable for everyone no matter what level you're at. In addition, I can tell my balance and flexibility has improved tremendously, slowly but surely, with consistency. I love these classes and always look forward to them."


"Kassandra is a very knowledgable instructor! She takes her time to make sure everyone understands how to correctly get into each position to make the most out of each class. She is warm, kind, and through. I highly recommend taking her class!"


"After breast cancer surgery Kassandra helped and inspired me to move. With her help, I'm more flexible and feel healthy."


"Kassandra is a very intuitive teacher. Her yoga and breathwork classes help you tune into your body and breath. She has a presence that is light, joyful, energetic and authentic. Her passion for this work shines through in a ll she does." 


"Kassandra brings yoga and meditation to our everyday life in a gentle and beautiful manner that is comfortable and fun to practice. Her message is not some woowoo 'pie in the sky' concept, as she brings easy to follow movements and breathing exercises to benefit our physical, mental and emotional wellbeing. She teaches how to have a happier, more balanced and fulfilling life. She is down to earth, an authentic and fun loving teacher. I just love her energy and enthusiasm! Join her if you can! Your body will thank you!


Time to Myth Bust

"I'm not flexible enough for yoga."


Yoga is more about flexibility of the mind than the body. We work on breathing, meditation and so much more. With practice you'll gain the flexibility you crave-both mind and body. Yoga meets the student where they are. People of all abilities find a challenge just where they need it. Yoga means union and the goal is uniting the mind and body. Why do we need flexibility? It prevents injury, improves mobility and posture. I teach an all levels vinyasa flow that will meet you where you are.

We build from that place. Let's meet there. 

"I can't meditate. My mind is always racing."


On average, we're thinking over 60,000 thoughts every day. The practice of mindfulness, breath and meditation root you in the present moment and help keep you from lingering in the past or dreading the future. Learning to stay present on the mat helps you stay present off the mat and in the real world. With consistent practice you will be in awe of the effect a deeper practice has on your life. 

"It's difficult for me to commit to something I don't LOVE."


I get it. Change is scary. Discomfort is something we tend to avoid. You never know, by cultivating consistency in your practice you may fall in love! You may discover comfort. You may unearth a different part of yourself that you never knew existed or you haven't listened to in a long time.

Let's cultivate that listening. 



"Meditation is not something I've been able to 'get into' so I avoid it."


I'm not here to convince you to do anything you feel uncomfortable with. My goal is to provide you with tools to live a more joyful and fulfilled life. I work with you to create a space where meditation is relaxing and accessible. I hope to pass to you the wisdom and knowledge passed to me by so many of my wonderful teachers. 



"Breathwork seems...weird. What does that even mean?"


Breathwork is another tool we'll add to the toolbox. You're using your breath to regulate your mood, boost immunity, process emotions (healing pain and trauma), increase self-esteem, increase joy, reduce stress, release negativity, shift stagnant energy, the list goes on. Different types of exercises can help with anxiety, depression, anger, grief, PTSD, stress and much more. We'll work together to craft a breath practice that fits your needs and goals. 




"Yoga is only about the body postures (asana)."


Yoga is much more comprehensive than that. It's about going deep within in order to find your true Self and connect with it/him/her. In Patanjali"s Yoga Sutra (ancient theory and practice of yoga), eight limbs of the yogic path are outlined as:


Yamas (ethical standards),

Niyamas (self observances),

Asana (postures),

Pranayama (breath control),

Pratyahara (withdrawl of the senses),

Dharana (concentration),

Dhyana (meditation) and

Samadhi (a state of ecstasy). 


Immersing yourself in these practices will empower an unbelievable transformation, enabling a connection to your inner power. 



"I'm too old for yoga."


With consistency and commitment anyone can create a strong and beneficial practice. Yoga is irrespective of age, income level, race, color, national origin, sex, religion, gender identity, disability, etc. When you open your mind and let go of limiting beliefs, you'll be open to discover that yoga just may be for you!