How to Namaste Your Life

What does it mean to Namaste Your Life? Well, a lot of things, but mostly it's about finding joy in all the moments of your life, even the tough ones.


Getting There

How does yoga, breathwork + meditation help you along that journey and why does one need all three? The physical practice of yoga (asana) is more of a doing whereas meditation is an allowing. The physical practice creates a strong foundation of cardiovascular stamina, strength building and flexibility. All of that movement and breath primes the body for stillness in meditation where we work on relaxing the mind and discovering our inner guide.


All classes include these three elements- asana, breathwork + meditation. 

Meditation is an allowing. The goal isn't the absence of thoughts, rather the absence of judgement of your thoughts, feelings, and others. Imagine that! Ultimately, with consistent practice and patience, you'll be able to translate this off of the mat and into your life in the real world.

Healing Trauma, Anxiety + Depression


How does yoga help us heal? By helping us get in touch with our bodies.

How? Being aware of what we need enables us to take care of ourselves. We discover that we have the power to transform our reality.


In yoga we focus on our breath and the sensations we feel, hear, smell, taste, and see. With this, we see the connection between our emotions and our body. We experiment. We relax into a pose. Does it help our balance? Does that shift enable us to take deeper breaths? Can we notice the sensations without judgement? 


All of this may seem like a leap but it's not. The connection is-

We notice.

We learn to regulate our emotions.

We learn to listen to ourselves.

We heal.


We notice the sensations in our body. We honor them and they become our friend. We turn our feelings into words. We communicate. We become inspired. We listen. 


Numerous scientific studies have shown that traumatic experiences, depression and anxiety can be healed through a consistent yoga practice consisting of breathwork, meditation & asana. I look forward to helping you connect to your inner wisdom so that you may find peace and joy in your life.



Classes are both in-person & virtual (privates)

You can choose from group classes or private one-on-one sessions.


With 22 years of experience in a wide range of yogic traditions, I blend all for a unique experience of physical asana, breathwork and meditative practice.


Classes are taught in the Vinyasa, Kundalini & Yin traditions as a fusion. Modifications are given for all levels and some classes will include chair variations (upon request).

Most classes assume a basic level of knowledge unless otherwise specified as beginner. 



Group classes are taught  in-person.

Consult the schedule for this month's days & times. 



Each private class is crafted to your specific needs from the physical postures

to the music choice.


I incorporate your desires and goals, which we discuss at length. You decide how heavily we focus on meditation, breathwork + physical yoga (asana).


I also use the Enneagram and Doshas (from the Ayurvedic tradition) to dive deeply into your energetic, physical and emotional motivations. We use these as tools to deepen our understanding of self.



Please inquire further for information on private groups, events and school group classes.




In some studios and with some instructors, the focus is on one tradition of yoga.

I do things a bit differently. All of my classes incorporate practices from Kundalini, Vinyasa & Yin.

This is what I call fusion. We focus on breathwork, meditation + asana (physical poses).



Vinyasa Yoga

In Vinyasa Flow, poses are linked together using the breath, 

creating a flow or seamless movement.

The focus here becomes staying in the present moment by connecting movement with breath.

No two classes are ever the same and we enjoy the elements of play and creativity!



Kundalini Yoga

While Kundalini Yoga (also referred to as the yoga of awareness, kriya yoga or yoga for spinal health) also focuses on breath and postures, it incorporates meditation, chanting and singing.

The goal is to activate the Kundalini energy in an effort to

awaken your consciousness or awareness.

There is a heavy emphasis on different types of breathwork, mantras, chanting, and meditating.



Kids Yoga

Children enjoy a practice that is silly, full of laughter, playful, and fun!

The practice of yoga is beneficial to children in the same ways it is for adults.

During yoga, kids gain strength, stamina and flexibility, experience relaxation, and 

learn breathing techniques. 


Kids yoga classes are taught for private groups.

Please reach out to see if yoga for children is a good fit for your group, school or organization.


Find Your Joy

I See You

When I discovered yoga, it felt so good, mind+body+soul, that I never turned back. Being uncomfortable on the mat and having to go within myself to find comfort has helped me translate that into real life, off the mat. I'm able to stay present, go within, breathe, connect and find joy even when situations around me are out of control. I hope to be privileged enough to help you find the same peace. The light in me bows to, honors, and deeply loves the light in you.